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Convey your message, process or space with 3D Interactive Content: Games, Visual Walk-throughs, Animations and more.

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What is a Virtual Reality app? Virtual Reality or VR for short is a newly emerging technology, which enables a user to completely immerse themselves in a 3D environment. This is done by wearing a VR headset or VR goggles.

Virtual Reality has enabled many industries to visualise conceptual projects and projects not yet complete. Using existing CAD drawings or 3D models, I can create an Virtual Reality App of your product complete with a menu interface to navigate around your presentation. Models or developments can also be created from scratch.

Please take a look below at some of the Virtual Reality and interactive 3d projects undertaken in the past.

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Virtual Reality Apps can be used in the following ways:

  • Virtual Reality Games
  • 3D Office walkthroughs
  • Virtual Galleries
  • Interactive product simulations
  • 3D E-Learning
  • Process simulations in Virtual Reality 3D

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